Computer Services For Home and Small Business

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Customer Quotes

"Aaron does amazing work. He is extremely resourceful and always willing to help. He will always be my IT go-to guy!" - Matt T.

Handy Tip

Slow computer? When was the last time you cleaned it out physically? Dust buildup can cause a computer to slow down. I've seen many computers that acted like it had a virus but after a good blast with a can of air it ran much better.

I may have saved you money already!

Concerned Parent?

If you are concerned about the content your kids can be exposed to on the Internet I can help filter out adult, phishing and malware sites. No more porn!

A Brief History of Me

In 1986 my parents bought the family a Commodore 64. Since that day I've been eyes-deep in computers. I started writing programs in BASIC and emailing new friends on local Bulletin Board Servers. Yea. That long ago.

I took a break for a couple years from 1993-1995 to do do some traveling in Washington state.

1996 brought many changes including marriage and a new job as a welder and fabricator. Those were good times but after putting in 18 hours a day I still wanted to go home and do computer things. Then in 1999 I decided to go to college to learn some computer programming and within 2 years I learned COBOL, C++, Visual Basic, ASP 400 and more.

During my schooling I got a new job as a Senior Systems Analyst working with Oracle Forms, PL/SQL, COBOL, Unix and others. This was a tremendous opportunity to work in a field I had only played with previously.

2006 and time to move on to a new adventure. I became "The IT Guy" for a small environmental consulting firm. To say "small" is only to mean the number of staff because we have many clients all over the world. It's now my job to keep up with technology and make sure the staff here has the technological means to get things done.

I have been around computers for almost 25 years and have amassed a lot of information and knowhow during that time. Helping others who may not be as familiar with computers brings joy to my life and a great sense of accomplishment.