Computer Services For Home and Small Business

Under Construction

Please be patient while I build this site. When it's complete I'll change this to let you know. Thanks!

Customer Quotes

"My IT guy is Aaron, the computer genius! He is always proficient and has fixed any of our computer problems. Which is quite a lot, from which computers to get to how to fix it from virus attacks. And we have never lost anything!! He's the best!" - Jenny

Handy Tip

Slow computer? When was the last time you cleaned it out physically? Dust buildup can cause a computer to slow down. I've seen many computers that acted like it had a virus but after a good blast with a can of air it ran much better.

I may have saved you money already!

Concerned Parent?

If you are concerned about the content your kids can be exposed to on the Internet I can help filter out adult, phishing and malware sites. No more porn!

Web Design

I really don't do that much web design these days. The field has become so competitive with various coding formats to choose from and I simply can't keep up with all the latest technology for them all.

What I Don't Do

The way some web sites are built these days is more time consuming that I can give. If you are looking for a web site to list and sell all your hand crafted knickknacks then you may be better off going to a host that specializes in such things.

I don't do Php, Ruby on Rails or Python.

I also don't host web sites. I can set you up with a host, however, the payments and upkeep costs will be maintained by you.

What I Will Do

I have time for simple web sites such as this one. If all you need is a small company web site to showcase your services and provide visitors information about what you provide I am more than happy to help out.