Computer Services For Home and Small Business

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Customer Quotes

"A computer technician could take me to proverbial cleaners based on my computer "knowledge"-which isn't more than turn it off and turn it back on again. When that doesn't work the only in-home technician that I actually would invite back is Aaron Vail. He has fixed my computers and saved my butt (and my data!) on multiple occasions, I wouldn't trust anyone else." - Matt R.

Handy Tip

Slow computer? When was the last time you cleaned it out physically? Dust buildup can cause a computer to slow down. I've seen many computers that acted like it had a virus but after a good blast with a can of air it ran much better.

I may have saved you money already!

Concerned Parent?

If you are concerned about the content your kids can be exposed to on the internet I can help filter out adult, phishing and malware sites. No more porn!

Home and Personal

Diagnostic - Free

Computer Cleaning - $10

Password Reset or Recovery - $20

Tune-Up - $50

Data Backup - $50 plus cost of supplies.

Hard Drive Imaging - $75 plus cost of supplies.

Data Recovery - $50

Computer Install - $50

Upgrades - $50 plus cost of supplies.

Small Business

For the past 4 years I have been a Network Systems Administrator for a small environmental consulting company. I am the sole "IT Guy" here and manage over 25 computers, 5 servers, 20+ Laptops and a dozen user support issues per day for 20 employees.

I manage the Exchange server, file servers, in-house WiFi, remote access, DHCP, Active Directory, WINS, DNS, Network Topology, printers, faxes, plotters, backup servers, software purchasing and installation, hardware purchasing and installation, hardware troubleshooting, VPN, internet traffic filtering including QoS management, SharePoint server and management, custom FTP server and more.

Computer Recycling

I offer 2 kinds of recycling for your old computers.

I will gladly take your old computer to use for parts. Just because your computer is "dead" doesn't mean the whole unit is bad. I harvest the working parts such as hard drives, CD and DVD drives and cables. This is one way I for me to keep my prices low for cheap upgrades or repairs. During the scrapping process I wipe all hard drives from the computer using advanced overwriting techniques guaranteeing your data is gone forever.

I can also take your retired computers to a recycling center. This does have a fee associated with it which is $10.